Some of the Ways DBI Can Help

Demographic Overlays

Do you understand what your donors look like, how old they are, what is their annual income?  DBI can help through tapping into "Big Data" sources on your behalf.  

Donor Attrition

Do you understand the "leaky bucket"?  How many of your donors are faithfully staying with you?  What is your lapse rate?  DBI can tell you.

Donor Segmentation

Take your donor segmentation beyond the traditional RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value) model.  

File Audit & Analysis

Got questions as to how you compare to other non-profits in your market sector?  DBI has examined literally hundreds of non-profits.  We can tell you how you compare.

Decision Tree Modeling

Tap into the power of Decision Tree Models to help you identify donors with the highest likelihood to respond.

Long Term Donor Value

All donors on your file are important.  Understand, however, how certain classes of donors will help you better reach your strategic goals.